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Corporate News

Corporate News

tick Trading Software AG                                                                                                                         

Düsseldorf, den 12.11.2021


tick Trading Software AG: Doubling of dividend and issue of bonus shares planned


tick Trading Software AG (tick-TS AG) today announced in an ad hoc release that the Executive Board has transferred an amount of EUR 1,069,000.00 from net income to retained earnings when preparing the annual financial statements and will propose the payment of a dividend of EUR 4.27 in cash per dividend-bearing share (previous year: EUR 2.01) at the Annual General Meeting, which is expected to be held in April 2022.


As already announced in the ad hoc announcement of November 04, 2021, the Company's earnings in the fiscal year were significantly impacted by nonrecurring effects. These special effects allow for the particularly high increase in the dividend for the past fiscal year.


For the almost 20 years of its existence, tick Trading Software AG can show an impressive business development. With just under 30 employees, sales revenues of more than EUR 8 million are now being generated. Since the founding phase, the company has always operated profitably and distributed these profits in full to the owners within the legally permissible framework.


The dividend amount proposed by the Executive Board is based on the requirement in the Articles of Association that the entire distributable net income be used for distribution to shareholders. For the first time, the Executive Board has made use of the option to transfer a maximum of 20% of net income to other revenue reserves for the past fiscal year. In this way, the extraordinary success of the past fiscal year is used to ensure the resilience of tick Trading Software AG and to be able to finance investments in future growth from equity.


"In order to be able to achieve the high growth rates of the past two decades in the future, we will have to invest primarily in employees and our IT landscape. The lack of skilled workers in particular is an obstacle to growth for tick TS. If you want to offer your customers the best and most reliable product on the market, you also need the best developers on the market. To achieve this, we need to sustainably increase our existing capacities in the same quality," explains Carsten Schölzki, CEO of tick Trading Software AG, on the background to the capital measure.


In today's ad hoc announcement, the Executive Board also informed the shareholders of its intention to submit a proposal to the Annual General Meeting for a capital increase from company funds.

This capital increase would be linked to the issue of bonus or bonus shares at a ratio of 1:1. The proposal to issue bonus shares is an expression of confidence in the future economic development of tick Trading Software AG. It is also intended to increase the trading liquidity of tick-TS AG shares.


The stock market price of the Company's share has risen significantly in the last two years.  The doubling of the number of shares issued is intended to improve the tradability of the share and thus support its liquidity. In addition, this measure is intended to maintain the attractiveness of the share for broader groups of investors even if the share price continues to rise.


The Executive Board's proposals will be made in close consultation with the Supervisory Board of the Company. The Supervisory Board is expected to discuss them at its meeting in mid-December 2021 and, following the adoption of the annual financial statements, to pass its resolutions on the Executive Board's proposals for the appropriation of profits and the capital increase from company funds.



About tick Trading Software AG


When tick Trading Software AG was founded in 2002, Oliver Wagner †, Matthias Hocke, Ingo Hillen and sino AG set themselves the goal of developing one of the most professional and advanced trading platforms. With the TradeBase MX platform, tick-TS AG now successfully makes this available to its customers worldwide. For several years now, in addition to the TBMX platform, direct connections to national and international marketplaces and brokers, the company's own hosting and housing infrastructure, and an e-Trading Compliance Monitor (ECM) for compliance with ESMA regulations have completed the company's portfolio.


Press contact:


Carsten Schölzki (CEO)


tick Trading Software AG

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40212 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49 (0)211 781767-0
Fax: +49 (0)211 781767-29 


tick Trading Software AG is listed on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange - ISIN DE000A0LA304.


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